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New York's Top Department Stores

It wouldn’t be a New York City shopping spree without a sweep of the best department stores.

Iconic names, luxurious fashion houses and historic buildings, New York’s department stores are some of the most beautiful in the world, and we’ve created our LUXOS guide to help you decipher between the Bloomie’s, Bendel’s and Bergdorfs.


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Another American luxury department store but with a more boutique-like flare. You can buy anything from clothing and jewellery to bedding and furniture. Make sure to check out the ware-house section to receive stellar deals on all of the most recent products. Throughout your day of shopping, stop for lunch at Fred’s within the store. This high-end eatery serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Fred’s also offers catering services on and off the premises for every need imaginable.

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A sister store and under the ownership of Macy’s, everyone in the United States knows about the iconic “Little Brown Bag.” Bloomingdales began its iconic journey in the Lower East Side in 1861. Another department store that offers anything you could possibly want. As one of the city’s most famous stores, Bloomingdale’s sells everything from crockery and home goods to sunglasses and watches. Embrace the New York style and proudly flaunt your own “Little Brown Bag.”

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Bergdorf Goodman

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This New York institution just received its first make over in over thirty years. This iconic store and service embodies the classic elegant and luxurious atmosphere without exuding a stuffy or old-fashioned vibe. Make sure to check out both the women’s and the men’s stores, sitting right across the street from each other. Bergdorf Goodman offers eye-candy for everyone with its bridal boutique and couture pieces. Make the trip to 5th Avenue between 57th and 58th streets and bask in their famed customer service.

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Sak’s Fifth Avenue

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The oldest commercial corporation in North America, Hudson’s Bay Company, owns this iconic American luxury department store. A magical place where you can look through all the latest fashion from only the highest end designers. The main flagship store sits on 5th Avenue in Midtown and draws in millions of visitors annually. Another more modern Saks sits downtown in the Financial District. While the original on 5th Avenue deserves a visit, we recommend checking out the one downtown because of the younger and more innovative pieces.

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