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The Alchemist's Kitchen

In a city where there are probably more skyscrapers than trees, The Alchemist's Kitchen seeks to (re)connect people to the inherent power of nature.

The world's many indigenous cultures not only believed in nature and its capacity to offer cures to mankind's ailments, but also lived by and actively applied those principles in the pursuit of a harmonious and balanced life. And so, in an effort to share the wisdom of wise men and challenge the presence of over-processed foods and environmental damage, the herbalists in this special kitchen produce carefully curated, high-quality botanicals as well as herbal concoctions and beauty products made from the finest whole-plants. In a lovely space bathed in natural light, you can sample some of the products and even try some of the wholesome foods made by artisans with a focus on sustainability and conscious living. There are also interesting workshops and events held on premises, with a schedule available on the website


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The Alchemist's Kitchen

21 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003, USA

212 925 1267