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 New York City is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world and is home to many of the trendiest designers to-date. With stores and boutiques at every corner, there’s never a shortage of shopping opportunities. But how can you know for sure which shops are the best? Check out this list of New York City’s newest, up-and-coming boutiques.


Breguet celebrates the opening of it's New York Flagship store.

Previously worn, loved and still treasured; here's a vintage shop you'll love.

One of New York City's most popular and historic avenues still pulses with retail innovation and modern-day creative collaboration: enter Broadway Market Co.

The fashion principle at Dreams on Air cites that every design has a right to see the light.

It wouldn’t be a New York City shopping spree without a sweep of the best department stores.

In a city where there are probably more skyscrapers than trees, The Alchemist's Kitchen seeks to (re)connect people to the inherent power of nature.

Cross the bridge over to Brooklyn and feast your eyes on this cool underground space, an industrial-style temple concept devoted to vintage style fashion, in all its glamour and rarity.

When you simply can't bear the thought of doing it yourself, head over to the Blo salon and surrender to the pros.

You never know who you'll see in this iconic bookstore.