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2019 Michelin Starred Restaurants in NYC Featured

Discover New York’s Michelin Starred Restaurants of 2019.

by Naomi Vakharia

Need a new destination for a luxurious meal during your next stay in New York? Located throughout the city, some of 2019’s best destinations are the new Michelin starred restaurants. From French-Asian cuisine to bespoke dining, these restaurants will keep your mouth watering at the mere thought of their dishes.


Want to enjoy a luxury meal in the comfort of an apartment? L’Appart is the key to your desires. It is a rare dining experience as it offers guests the option of hosting a dinner party at the chef’s apartment. An intimate experience, L’Appart is inspired by a bespoke menu as it takes into account the host’s personal palette, allowing for a true customised experience.


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L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon

Located in the meatpacking district, L’Atelier is ranked with two Michelin stars. With an impressive bar seating section as well as private dining rooms, the red and gold detailing of the restaurant adds to its elegance. Simple yet sophisticated, L’Atelier reflects this atmosphere in its interior design and applies this mentality to the dishes served. Both small dishes and a la carte options are offered which allow you to try the different tastes of every dish, rather than focus on the quantity of food itself. The head chef, Joel Robuchon holds an impressive total of thirty two Michelin stars that make this restaurant a hotspot due to his name alone.



This Korean style restaurant is another two-starred Michelin location that allows for guests to enjoy traditional Korean cuisine with a lovely contemporary twist. Jungsik is only located in Seoul and New York City, which speaks to its authenticity. The chic, modern interior continues the theme of elevating traditional cuisine. The dishes and interior both contribute to the dining experience as they reflect the modernisation of classic restaurants. The food offered at Jungsik takes focuses on authenticity and quality. Focusing on freshness, the restaurant features seasonal menus as it takes into account the season’s best ingredients.


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The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

Ever wonder what Japanese-French cuisine would consist of? Wonder no more. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is one of the newest dining experiences in the young section of New York. Brooklyn’s dining scene is known for its eccentric cuisine and this is no stranger to that theme. The Chef’s Table allows guests to observe the chef at work, cooking your meal in front of you. The menu here is inspired by the Japanese style of dining which offers tasting that last over two whole hours. Focused heavily on seafood- a staple in both French and Japanese cuisine, this restaurant boasts three Michelin stars and is worth the visit.

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Per Se

Another three Michelin starred restaurant, Per Se requires an empty stomach before visiting. Located in Columbus Circle, Per Se is one of the city’s newest hotspots for all foodies. Guests are able to dine with an amazing view of the New York skyline from the restaurant’s amazing location. With a whopping nine-course meal, this restaurant made a name for itself by refusing to repeat any ingredient in all of its courses. Each bite bursts with a different flavor and is worth the visit. Vegetarian friendly, this location offers a nine-course vegetable tasting menu, differentiating itself from the prix-fixe menus of other restaurants.

per se2

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