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Via Carota © Via Carota

Via Carota

Secure your spot at Via Carota. 

by Lavinia Pisani

With all this buzz around 2018 New York Fashion Week, planning a night out to gossip about the new collections feels mandatory. Nestled in the leafy streets of the West Village, Via Carota is the intimate trattoria where to have a cosy and delicious Italian dinner. Buvette's Jody Williams and I Sodi's Rita Sodi joined forces to bring the tastes of Italy to this Greenwich Village gem. A favourite among the Italian community living in the Big Apple, you won't be disappointed as you taste one of their dishes. The menu is seasonal, ingredients are farm-to-table and whether you are craving for risotto, pappardelle, grilled octopus or fried rabbit, you will be pleased with the results.  


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Via Carota

51 Grove Street, New York City