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Vegan Dining in New York Featured

Going vegan is quickly becoming a popular lifestyle choice, and New York is the place to be if you’re looking for the best variety of vegan restaurants to dine at.


Blossom is an upscale restaurant within a historical building on 9th avenue. The all-organic, all-vegan menu fuses classic dishes and cooking techniques with locally-sourced, innovative ingredients. For any vegan who is also a serious foodie, Blossom is a sure-favourite. For dessert, save room for the vegan ice creams, which are served alongside classic American sweets such as peach cobbler and chocolate ganache.


Beyond Sushi

If you’re in the mood for sushi, you won’t be disappointed by the menu options at Beyond Sushi. Renowned Chef Guy Vaknin, who became famous through television’s Hell’s Kitchen, has popularized a modern, sustainable, approach to crafting sushi and traditional dishes. Beyond Sushi offers fish-free sushi, dumplings, noodles, and other Japanese dishes, that are favourites for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

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Superiority Burger

Is a vegetarian fast-food burger eatery in New York City open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Out of dozens of veggie-burger restaurants in the city, Superiority Burger has lived up to its name and is arguably the best option. Even those who love traditional beef burgers will not be disappointed by Superiority Burger’s sensational flavors. Try the Megamouth Burger, a popular favorite, or the Sloppy Dave Sandwich—the vegan version of the classic American Sloppy Joe Sandwich.

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Avant Garden

Avant Garden in East Village is a 100% vegan fine-dining restaurant. In an earthy, organic setting with brick walls, guests dine on shared dishes such as the Pappardelle Pasta with herbed gremolata or the Hen of the Woods mushroom puree with kohlrabi and pickled hon shimeji. With its innovative and dynamic menu, large selection of international wines, and romantic vibes Avant Garden is an all-around great place to have dinner.

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