The Office

After-office or after walking most of the island, we couldn't imagine a better way to hit the reset button. Clock in at The Office.

The Office is probably New York's most haute-style speakeasy. Imagine sitting in the lounge of a wealthy, middle-aged man with a particular appreciation for old-world, luxury living: rich, dark brown leather, deep cosy seats, green velvet seating, vintage decor and accessories, and wooden wall panels. While you might forget the day and time at a certain point, soft LED lights have been installed along the windows to imitate the sun as it sets over the NYC skyline. The bartenders will prepare Prohibition-style cocktails (personal requests are most welcome) and graciously pour a glass of whisky from their collection of vintage spirits. A good drink always inspires an appetite; sample their eclectic delicacies served for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and by food, Chef Grant Achatz means caviar, jamon Iberico and fois gras. This is before you've seen what's for dessert. We couldn't imagine a week where a cocktail couldn't fit into our schedules, whether on the road or at homebase. 


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The Office

80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, New York City, NY 10023

+1 212 805 8800

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