Victor’s Cafe

If the concrete jungle has you missing life by the seaside, a night at VIctor's Cafe will soothe your nostalgia and light up your spirits.

In this classic, Cuban establishment you'll find that behind the glass doors is another era, another life happening in parallel to the buzz of the city streets. From the eclectic artwork and witty furniture to the bold colours and tantalizing cuisine, Victor’s Café is an immediate escape to Cuba and it will last for as long as you allow.

The Evolution of Cuban Cuisine® reigns here, and is a personal interpretation to what chic dining would be in Cuba had the country’s destiny taken a different turn. Regardless of what happens outside, hospitality at Victor’s Café is exemplary with talented chefs who spice up the night with authentic dishes – surprisingly mostly grilled - and continuously evolving creations, all prepared using the fresh ingredients and intense spices. The distinct aromas and flavours your palette is bound to meet are exceptional. The two must-orders include the famous black bean soup and Ropa Vieja (shredded beef).

Interiors have that Caribbean feel with palm trees, bold colours and authentic Cuban artwork; at night the atrium gives you a peek up at the sky for a magical touch. Socialites will appreciate the experience of great food alongside fierce cocktails and live Cuban music that’s too upbeat to ignore. Prepare to sway and be swept away.  


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Victor's Cafe

236 West 52 Street, New York, NY

+1 212 586 7714