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Happy Bones Featured

In NYC, four New Zealanders bring happiness down to the bone with their exceptional coffee.

Founded by a fabulous foursome from New Zealand, Happy Bones captures the spirit of a city on the move, packed with energy and creativity, yet with very little time. Happy Bones is an address to pause the clock and indulge in a quick fix with the best coffee made by the most charming bartenders on the cosmpolitan island. While you sip away and watch the world go by, you can find out what else is up in the rest of the world with a collection of the best publications. The first coffee shop was actually opened in Little Italy, as a tribute to the country that brought espresso to the world. Sometimes all you need is to stop for 15 minutes and hit the restart button. We suggest you do that here.


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Happy Bones

394 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

212 673 3754