Cafe Mogador

From Morocco to the East Village, Cafe Mogador serves timeless culinary delicacies from across the sea.

This wonderful kitchen is no new kid on the block. Cafe Mogador started its journey back in the 80s in the heart of the East Village, an area of downtown Manhattan that has always had its share of cross-cultural cuisine. And yet, owner and in-house cook, Rivka, managed to push the culinary boundaries of this district and brought something different to the plate. Her timeless recipes, consistent innovation and fierce creativity have won her a place as an early pionneer in the world of NY restauranteurs, for three decades and counting. Today, Cafe Mogador is a culinary institution and the neighbourhood's go-to spot for a taste of Morocco, perfect for lingering brunch sessions. We love the wholesome tagines, the decadent tapas and homemade bread. A second location is available in Williamsburg, too.


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Cafe Mogador

101 St Marks Place, New York, NY 10009

212 677 2226