Cafe Altro Paradiso

Located in West SoHo, Chef Ignacio Mattos proves that Italy is never too far away.

In a mellow and relaxed atmosphere, consisting of warm wood furniture, modest decor and large mirrors reflecting back the natural daylight, you will find a subtle European ambiance with a distinct New York vibe, and the cuisine to match. This place is unpretentious, easy-going, with the focus being on good food. Who's the man with the apron? Urugay born, Chef Ignacio Mattos learned to cook alongside the charming grill maestro Francis Mallman and the queen of slow food, Alice Waters. His bold, Mediterranean-infused cooking at Estela earned him a generous share of accolades. Now, at Cafe Altro Paradiso, he brings the heart of Italian cuisine in all its simplistic, aesthetic appeal and aromatic wonder, down to the final plate. The menu offers a selection of dishes from the Puglian coast to the mountains of Trentino. The food here is consistently good, well executed and comforting, just like any proud nonna would expect.


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Public Kitchen

234 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013

646 952 0828