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LUXOS Guide: New York Dining

Need a dinner reccomendation? Look no further than the curated guide we created especially for you.

by Catherine Hamilton

Le Coucou

Owned by famed restaurateur Stephen Starr, Le Coucou feels like stepping back into an older French brasserie or bistro in Paris. Starr comes from Philadelphia, PA and never disappoints with eateries in many major cities on the East Coast. The exquisite menu offers many diverse delicacies and variations from prime filet and lobster to caviar and duck. Chef Daniel Rose hails from Paris and garners many positive reviews from the Michelin guide.

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21 Club

Experience fine dining in this historic prohibition-era speakeasy. Originally opened in 1922 by cousins Charlie Berns and Jack Kreindler, the speakeasy evaded arrests and shutdowns by tipping the contents of the bar shelves into chute leading down into the sewers. The bar also includes a secret wine cellar, previously accessible through a hidden door in a brick wall opening to the basement into the house next door. The cellar still holds wine from the collections of many celebrities including JFK, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. Now, large parties of up to 20 can reserve a section of the cellar to dine in but make sure to call way in advance to order and prepay for your evening. Read more about their extensive and rich history on their website.

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Step out of New York and into Tuscany while dining at Pepolino’s. Chef Patrizio Siddu from Florence and Chef Enzo Pezone from Naples handcraft special dishes from Italy with the freshest ingredients. Make your reservation and head down to TriBeCa to eat one of the best meals of your life in a quaint and charming ambiance.

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With two locations at uptown and downtown, Tao mixes fine Asian cuisine with a modern twist. Previously owned by the Vanderbilt family in the 19th century, the current lavish oriental décor give the guests an aura of sitting in a majestic Asian temple. Continue your night in Tao Downton as the restaurant converts into an upscale nightclub after dinner hours.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar

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Sitting in the iconic and famous Grand Central Station, the Oyster Bar continues to serve New York’s finest for over 100 years since 1913. While enjoying your oysters and cocktail, take a few moments to observe the marble columns and arched tiled ceilings. Before purchasing the eatery in 1974, Jerome Brody and his wife Marlene toured the best seafood restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey to ensure only the best outcomes for the customers.

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