After-office or after walking most of the island, we couldn't imagine a better way to hit the reset button. Clock in at The Office.

How does Australian-style coffee blend in the Big Apple? Just add sugar.

If the concrete jungle has you missing life by the seaside, a night at VIctor's Cafe will soothe your nostalgia and light up your spirits.

Bred and brewed in Brooklyn, this speciality coffee bar also has three locations across Manhattan.

We can stand here all day and argue about where to find the best coffee in New York. Or, you can try La Colombe and then we can talk.

A charming, southern French café takes a bit of the Big Apple

In NYC, four New Zealanders bring happiness down to the bone with their exceptional coffee.

From Morocco to the East Village, Cafe Mogador serves timeless culinary delicacies from across the sea.

The ambiance of a sophisticated dining room, the marriage of unexpected ingredients, and a celebration of all things New York.

Located in West SoHo, Chef Ignacio Mattos proves that Italy is never too far away.