Munich: What To Do In The City Featured

Discover the new frontiers of leisure with our guide to Munich's top activities this season.

by Susanne Wess


BMW Welt

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With highlights such as the 1959 three-wheeled BMW Isetta bubble car, various MINI models, the elaborate construction process of a Rolls Royce, and the electric BMW i3, BMW Welt provides an overview of the past and future of mobility, with special exhibitions, live presentations and innovative media. In addition to the most valuable cars and motorcycles from BMW’s 100-year company history, visionary concept cars are also presented.

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BRAUER Peter Lindbergh PK001
Highest artistic quality combined with state-of-the-art museum technology. Kunsthalle München, located in the exclusive Fünf Höfe mall, presents selected works comprising painting, sculpture, prints, photography and design. In the lounge area, Michael Käfer supplies culinary sustenance at appropriately high levels.

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Kochschule Hans Haas

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The master chef of Tantris restaurant, awarded two Michelin stars, teaches gourmets and anyone interested in cooking at his school situated in the Schwabing Amalienpassage. In small groups of up to 12 people, over the course of a day, seasonal gourmet dishes are prepared under the chef’s supervision. Participants then enjoy the fruits of their work by eating together.

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Jochen Schweizer Arena

Bodyflying 4 in der Jochen Schweizer Arena Copyright Stefan Eisend 19 Kopie
In the Jochen Schweizer Arena the dream of flying becomes reality. The air flow, reaching a speed of up to 285 km/h, overcomes the power of gravity. With a free fall time of two minutes, the time spent in the wind tunnel is longer than in two parachute jumps. Back on the ground, the intrepid flyers can restore their energy in the gastro area.

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