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Sit, surrounded by history, as you drink a cold, delicious beer at the Hirschgarten, a restaurant that dates back to 1791. Situated near a former royal deer park that is now a beautiful garden west of Munich's city centre, Hirshgarten is a cosily furnished restaurant that pays tribute to Munich's historical setting with a traditional Bavarian menu. Dishes are fresh and seasonal, and a stop at the Hirschgarten is a wonderful way to blend food, drink and history together in one ideal setting.

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Asam Church

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A golden cross marks the top of Asam Church, a beautiful building lined on either side by shops and apartments. Although the outside of the church is a baroque period architectural masterpiece, the stunning interior is the main attraction of this tiny church. The ceiling fresco, depicting the life of Saint Nepomuk makes the inside of this twenty-two by eight-meter church feel expansive, as though you've walked into a different universe altogether. Built as a private chapel without any religious affiliation, Asam Church is a remarkable combination of history, religion, story, and craftsmanship.

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BMW Museum

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A newer addition to the city of Munich, the BMW museum is a sleek modern building that contains the history of the sophisticated BMW brand. Spend an afternoon wandering through the various exhibits learning about how the BMW became one of the most well-crafted and sought-after cars in the world. Along with numerous exhibitions, the museum also has events and activities for people of all ages.

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Altes Rathaus

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Altes Rathaus or Munich's old Town Hall is a place full of stories. Originally constructed in 1392 as a Grand Hall, Altes Rathaus has, over the years, undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions. When you visit this historic site, you can learn about the Renaissance's impact on the structure, the damage that occurred to the building during World War II and some of the neo-gothic parts of the architecture. Take a tour and hear more about the historical events that happened here, as well as why the style of this building is now Gothic instead of Baroque.

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The Feldherrnhalle

No trip to Munich would be complete without a visit to Fledherrnahalle, the Field Marshals' Hall, a monument that honours the Bavarian army. Be sure to read up on this site in your guidebook, because the events that took place here reflect some of the troubles that plagued Europe in the aftermath of World War II.

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