Der verrückte Eismacher Der verrückte Eismacher

The best way to explore the Munich countryside

Keep cool with cold beer, ice-cream and urban surfing

Munich may well be the most beautiful of Germany’s big cities in the summer. After all, the land of ‘Lederhosen’ has more to offer than just Oktoberfest and beer. The latter, though, is still very much worth enjoying – especially on a hot summer’s day! Here are some other things to help you enjoy a 'cool' time.

Brauerei im Eiswerk

140916 Aroma samBrauerei im Eiswerk

If you’re looking for some cool refreshment, this is where you should go, as the name ‘Eiswerk’ (ice factory) suggests. You won’t find much ice, but you will love the superb cool beer! The gourmet beers and degustation sets can be enjoyed on the spot, but they also make a nice present. Authentically Bavarian, but with a twist!

Biergarten Viktualienmarkt

757984 original R by Christian-Beuschel pixelio.deBiergarten Viktualienmarkt

The ‘Viktualienmarkt‘ is a must-see for visitors in Munich at any time, but in the summer, it is especially delightful with its beer garden that is at the centre of life, more than most others. Here, you can enjoy a nice beer and snacks after your shopping trip and watch the hustle and bustle around you while you let your mind wander and just enjoy life.

Der verrückte Eismacher

Bier-mit-gebrannten-MandelnDer verrückte Eismacher

‘Der verrückte Eismacher‘ (the mad ice cream maker) really is an insider tip, even if he’s not so secret anymore. But what’s certain is that he is positively mad, in the best sense of the word – just like his almost-namesake, the mad hatter! His choice of ice cream includes, apart from delicious classical types, creations such as roast chicken, Gorgonzola or Jever beer. A must-taste for the courageous!


279397 original R K by Birgit pixelio.deEisbachwelle

Surfing in the middle of Munich? Why not? The ‘Eisbach‘ (ice creek) is really more of a torrential river and is not only beautiful, but also a popular place to cool down in the summer. The Eisbach wave right at the House of Art invites board artists to try their luck. All the other people can watch from the shore and dip their feet into the icy water after a long day of shopping.

1 Brauerei im Eiswerk
2 Biergarten Viktualienmarkt
3 Der verrückte Eismacher
4 Eisbachwelle