The Principal Madrid Hotel
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As you walk down Gran Vía to its intersection with Calle de Alcalá, turn around and take a photo. It's a site to behold.

L’Empire Paris Hotel
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Cross off your Paris checklist with class and ease at L'Empire Paris Hotel.

Kube Hotel
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A Scandinavian-styled hotel in Paris, with the only ice bar in town.

Hotel Eugène En Ville
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Between the Opera and the district of Montmartre, Hotel Eugene En Ville offers a mixed palette of styles.

Europäischer Hof Heidelberg
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Where the waves of history leave a mark, and supreme hospitality reign.

Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo
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For many people, the moment they arrive on the dock of Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo is when they realize how truly fantastic Venice is.

Palazzo Castri 1874
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Think of Macchiaioli and Florentine impressionism. That’s exactly the picture that Palazzo Castri 1874 paints.

Hotel Sanpi Milano
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The 19th century’s neoclassicism and the 21st century’s neo-futurism, Hotel Sanpi Milano is everything in between.

ME Milan Il Duca
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If you are coming to Milan to admire the fashion and design, you might as well live in the Hotel of fashion and design.

Hotel de la Ville
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If a good location is a place that gives you easy access to do one thing, then an ideal location, such as Hotel de la Ville Monza, is a prime locale that enables you to do things that just come to mind.