The Flushing Meadows The Flushing Meadows

The Flushing Meadows

For the most vibrant Munich experience...

by 26 October 2016

The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar is not simply a hotel, but a home-away-from home as the friends-turned-owners put it. They explicitly state that this is not the typical business hotel, but a more alternative experience centered around personalized service and detailed design elements.

The building itself makes up the top floors of an industrial Munich building in the vibrant neighborhood of Glochenbach, and includes a number of loft and penthouse studios. The rooms feature high ceilings to foster creativity and openness. The rooftop Flushing Meadows Bar is open to all, and enjoying a cocktail on the terrace with a view of the city boasts of luxury and exclusivity.

rooftop bar drinksRooftop Bar

Those looking for adventure can enjoy the room’s wireless BOOM device with 360 degree speakers, the bike rental service, the hotel’s solarium, or even ‘water made in Munich.’

For those travelers looking for a peaceful opportunity to meet others and retreat from the bustle of city life. The Flushing Meadows welcomes you.

The Flushing Meadows

Fraunhoferstrasse 32 80469 Munich, Germany

+49(0)89 552 791 70