Ultimate Dining Experience in Munich
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These are some of the hottest places to try in Bavaria right now. 

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5 Amazing Beer Gardens in Munich
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The Taste of Munich
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Entrees from Daluma in Berlin, Germany.
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Where To Find The Best Coffee in Munich
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Whether it’s a light lunch or a little recharge you’re in the mood for, Munich is bursting at the seams with amazing cafés perfect for every occasion during the day. The Germans are well known for their skills with pastry, and the cafés of Munich are no exception. With most serving a range of classic German pastries as well as delicious home-baked cakes, Munich is the perfect place to Café hop while seeing the sights.

Experience Munich, Like a Local
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Step out for a moment from visiting all the classic attractions and consider making your way toward one of these unusual things to do. Here you will get a sense of how much more there is to see in the Bavarian capital than giant beers and tight leather pants.