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Traditional Bavarian restaurants in Munich

Add a touch of tradition to your trip with a visit to one of these historic haunts in central Munich

Throughout Munich, you can find typical Bavarian restaurants pretty much everywhere. If you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all, so we scouted out the best of the best in upscale, authentic Bavarian dining. Some of the top chefs in Munich put a unique twist on traditional dishes to make the Bavarian dining experience more special. Everything you need to know from where to get the best dumplings to where you can find a superb rack of lamb is all right here.

Bogenhauser Hof

bogenhauser-hofBogenhauser Hof

The Bogenhauser Hof was built in 1825 and today, still maintains its historical structure and main elements of the building, complementing the modern accents on the interior and exterior of the restaurant. Chef Gerhard Gleinser, who worked under Bavarian Michelin star chef Otto Koch, keeps Bogenhauser Hof on top as one of the most popular restaurants in Munich. One of their specialties is the rack of lamb with thyme sauce. The restaurant offers private rooms that can host from six to 30 guests and garden seating surrounded by roses and hydrangeas. www.bogenhauser-hof.de

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Zum Alten Markt

Zum-Alten-MarktZum Alten Markt

This 400-year-old South Tiroler councilor’s room now serves as a charming and traditional Bavarian restaurant. Zum Alten Markt’s menu is a refined, upscale interpretation of Bavarian cuisine. Their most loved dishes include perch, catfish, speckled trout and salmon. Every Friday and Saturday they serve traditional Bavarian weisswurst sausage with sweet mustard and warm pretzels, of course. The Saturday lunchtime special and a crowd favourite is the crispy roast pork shoulder with Bavarian sauerkraut and potato dumplings. www.zumaltenmarkt.de

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Perfectly located in Marienplatz, Ratskeller’s beautiful, historic rooms will make you feel like you are in old Bavaria. Some of the most beloved dishes are schweinshaxe, a roast pork shank with a crunchy crust and fine gravy and ochsenschmankerl, a braised shoulder of beef with a horseradish sauce. Chef Michael Schubaur, another one of Otto Koch’s pupils, creates a dining experience like no other at Ratskeller. www.ratskeller.com

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One of Munich’s most sought after beer halls and restaurants is Hofbrauhaus. Dating all the way back to the 16th century, Hofbrauhaus has been a hub for food, beer and music. They have a long running list of their regular guests who reserve tables, some frequenting daily. Any Bavarian-style dish you can dream up is probably on the menu. Some of the dishes unique to Hofbrauhaus are the original Hofbrauhaus brew master steak of pork and the Munich sauerbraten of Alpine Ox. www.hofbraeuhaus.de

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Wirtshaus in der Au


Wirtshaus in der Au is renowned for the size and variety of their dumplings. You can even take a cooking class to learn how to recreate their dumplings for yourself. If you can’t decide between the spinach dumpling with rocket-tomato sauce, the organic cheese dumpling with fresh spinach or the ramson dumpling on top of creamy asparagus ragout with tomatoes, you can get a sampler of all three. Of course, there are other options besides dumplings, which include a fillet of Bavarian ox marinated with sea salt and herbs. www.wirtshausinderau.de

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2 Zum Alten Markt
3 Ratskeller München
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5 Wirtshaus in der Au