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These are the best outdoor dining spots in Munich

Tumbling Bavarian landscapes, rooftop bars and expansive terraces: Munich’s al fresco restaurants have the menus to make every foodie swoon

When the weather brightens up, Munich’s outdoor dining scene comes alive. The city centre is bustling with trendy restaurants that every visitor and native alike is dying to try. There’s nothing like enjoying dinner and drinks with friends on an outdoor terrace in the middle of summer. Enjoy traditional Bavarian food, or get a taste from a completely different part of the world with our guide to al fresco dining in the Bavarian capital.


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Calling all foodies! Broeding is a must when it comes to visiting Munich. The chefs take traditional Bavarian food and add a special twist to it with an innovative menu each day. The intimate garden is a nice escape in the summer to enjoy a romantic dinner. Broeding also offers three-course, five-course and six-course meals. Some of their menu specials include marinated beef tongue with fennel and a wild herb salad and roasted sea bass with cabbage and papaya chutney. They also have an online wine shop featuring wines from Austria. www.broeding.de

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Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl

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Right next to the Church of Our Lady is one of Munich’s most traditional and original restaurants: Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl. The grilled sausages, freshly prepared each day by the restaurant’s own butcher, are served with sauerkraut and horseradish and are a crowd favourite. Complete your meal with an apple flan topped with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. www.bratwurst-gloeckl.de

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Café Cord

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A step away from the typical traditional Munich restaurants is the modern Café Cord located in the Hauptbahnhof area. After a day of exploring the city centre, enjoy dinner and a drink out on the terrace. Café Cord is a nice change from biergartens and a great option for larger groups. They don’t have an English menu, but the staff speak English so you are guaranteed a great meal no matter what you choose. There are also vegetarian and vegan options if need be. www.cafe-cord.tv

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Michaeligarten lies in the Ramersdorf district of Munich, right on the banks of the lake in the East Park. The sun terrace is the best spot to enjoy a quiet lunch overlooking the beautiful lake. The menu consists of traditional Bavarian food, such as roast pork and Wiener schnitzel, as well as international cuisine options. Michaeligarten often has themed dinners for different events and holidays. www.michaeligarten.de

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vierwasser© Restaurant Vierwasser/Facebook

Sitting on the banks of the Amper River, Vierwasser is located in the medieval town of Fürstenfeldbruck. With amazing views and an exquisite terrace that sits above the water, the menu has influences from the Far East to the classic American cheeseburger. Vierwasser is a great restaurant for brunch, dinner or a late night bite. Vierwassser is almost always busy, so make sure you book ahead. www.vierwasser.de

1 Restaurant Vierwasser
2 Restaurant Broeding
3 Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl
4 Café Cord
5 Michaeligarten