The 10 best beer gardens in Munich © Augustiner Keller

The 10 best beer gardens in Munich

Let there be larger: Bavaria’s biergarten tradition may have spread the world over, but there’s no place like Munich to experience the real thing.

This year marks 500 years since Duke Wilhelm IV passed the universally loved ‘Bavarian Purity Law’, which defined exactly which ingredients could be used for a beverage to carry the ‘beer’ name. The Duke was also the owner of Munich’s royal Hofbräuhaus, and it was in Munich that this law was first passed, where the brewing and perfecting of Bavarian beer began. Today, Munich has more than 200 outdoor biergartens, which are little pockets of paradise in which to cool off during the city’s stifling summer season. Most of the gardens serve it by the litre (Mass in German), only the stronger ‘Weissbeer’ is typically served in 500ml jugs. Here’s our pick of Munich’s finest. Prosit!



© Waldwirtschaft

Waldwirtschaft creates an oasis of beery loveliness under the sun and chestnut trees. Enjoy typical German food, such as home-made Obatzda (a Bavarian cheese delicacy). This biergarten is especially good on the weekends when live jazz plays all afternoon., the premises also includes four different restaurants where you can hold events accommodating up to 150 guests.

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Gutshof Mentnerschwaige

11895227 961982260510672 6487464029516512790 o© Gutshof Mentnerschwaige

On the edge of Munich, along the banks of Isar River, you will find a real vision. Gutshof Mentnerschwaige was voted the most beautiful beer garden in all of Munich. Year-round up to 2500 guests come here daily to enjoy Bavarian specialties and regional brews. In the summertime, every day is like a mini Oktoberfest. If you prefer a more toned-down experience, visit the germütlich restaurant inside which serves all the same beers.

Augustiner Keller

augustiner-keller-munich-2© Augustiner Keller

One of the oldest biergartens in Munich brings you an authentic Bavarian experience, with traditional Augustiner Edelstoff straight from the barrel, which you can enjoy out on the terraces during the summer months. On rainy days, you can enjoy your beer down in the cellar where the beer used to be chilled but now serves as a cosy seating alternative.

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Seehaus im Englischen Garten

Seehaus-im-Englischen-Garten© Seehaus im Englischen Garten

The Englischen Garten, with its enchanted corners, bodies of water and even riding stables, is the most popular local recreation destination in Munich. Here, in the middle of the lake, you’ll find Seehaus biergarten with a fanciful patio. Don’t let adulthood tell you when it’s acceptable to drink beer. Guests are welcomed for brunch, lunch or dinner, because it’s always five o’clock somewhere. The welcoming Kuffler family has been operating the fine restaurant since 1985.

Paulaner am Nockherberg

paulaner© Paulanerhaus am Nockherberg - Facebook

The quaint Paulanerhaus am Nockherberg is one of Bavaria’s most well-known and most-loved biergartens. Guests can immerse themselves in the typical Bavarian way of life here. The biergarten, which is connected to the brewery, regales guests with an array of hearty Bavarian delicacies and, of course many different kinds of beer. Even the summer heat becomes tolerable under the shady chestnut trees.

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parkcafe© ParkCafé

In the midst of busy Munich lies ParkCafé’s biergarten that is literally in the middle of a botanical garden. The space is large, making it the perfect spot to get together with a group friends for some great beer and food. Compared to other biergartens in Munich, ParkCafé is one of the more posh, cool biergartens to visit. Parties, DJs and special events keep people here way into the night.


loewenbraeukeller-biergarten-BBQ-spareribs© Löwenbräukeller

During the sweltering days of summer, cool off at Löwenbräukeller in the shaded biergarten with a pint of Löwenbräu or change it up with a Radler (beer mixed with lemon flavoured soda) or a Apfelschorle (apple juice mixed with sparkling water). And don’t even get me started on the food: Try one of the homemade Flammkuchen (traditional pizzas) or hendl (crispy roasted chicken). There’s even a BBQ station that prepares famous delicacies such as smoked steaks and burgers.

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Chinesischer Turm

Chinaturm online Kocherlball 1© Chinesischer Turm

By bike or on foot, take a trip through the Englischer Garten and you will be drawn to the random Chinese pagoda and Oompah music. Make sure you check out the fun atmosphere as you bump elbows with your neighbours and enjoy a few glasses of Hofbräu. This spot is known for being crowded and a bit touristy, so it’s best if you don’t mind a rush of people.


hirschgarten© Hirschgarten

Become at one with nature at Hirschgarten where you can enjoy a beer alongside some deer. The wildlife reserve makes this beer garden a great place for families where kids are entertained by the animals. The greenery also provides a great spot to relax and admire the scenery. Enjoy breakfast or brunch and wash it down with an ice-cold brew. For the record, it’s never too early to drink beer here.

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Aumeister im Englischen Garten

aumeister© Aumeister im Englischen Garten - Facebook

Yes, another biergarten in the Englischer Garten, but this one offers more of a local scene. Mingle with native Germans and avoid the crowds of the other biergartens of Englischer Garten. Aumeister is also a good alternative to the beer gardens in the centre of the city. You can either sit in the garden or on the terrace and order from their extensive menu of excellent Bavarian food.

1 Waldwirtschaft
2 Gutshof Menterschwaige
3 Augustiner Keller
4 Seehaus im Englischen Garten
5 Paulaner am Nockherberg
6 ParkCafé
7 Löwenbräukeller
8 Chinesischer Turm
9 Hirschgarten
10 Aumeister im Englischen Garten