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Last-minute Weekend Getaways from Milan Featured

Plan your last minute weekend getaway from Milan. 

by LUXOS Editorial

On any given Friday in Milan there are two options: stay in the city for the weekend or embark on an entirely different adventure. A weekend getaway offers the chance to go just beyond the city limits to change scenario and explore something different and new. Luckily, Italy offers plenty of last minute getaways and these are some you should consider from Milan. As a matter of fact, life is no longer about the metro or professional anything during the weekend ( at least we hope so). Discover more about Cremona, Piacenza, and Torino that with their artistic heritage and culinary extravaganza have our full attention and yours too?   

Cremona - for classical music lovers  

For those who love classical music, there is Crema; famous for its violins. Walking through the streets of this city will provide an informal concert of violin music in addition to the chance to walk in and out of famed artisanal schools, shops, and museums all centered on the instrument. The Museo del Violino alone offers ten rooms as their main exhibition filled with the rich history of violins. People come from around the world to learn the techniques for both playing and making the instrument, especially as the best of these originated in this area. The melody of Cremona is illustrious and sweet and within that lies the city’s soul, the perfect tune to overcome anything.


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Piacenza - a foodie's paradise

About an hour drive from Milano is Piacenza, a quaint town that offers a relaxing break from the city’s craziness. Drive here to walk around the city center and reach a few local restaurants that are exclusively hidden among the rolling hills of the Emilia-Romagna Region. Try the mouthwatering gnocco fritto, a deep fried panzerotto bread that you can taste with cold cuts and gorgonzola cheese. Another idyllic restaurant offering a spectacular view and one-of-a-kind ravioli with butter and sage, Il Gelso. The distinctive tastes this area has to offer are rustic and authentic: a foodie’s paradise.  


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Torino - for history buffs  

History buffs ought to head to Torino. The capital of FIAT - the internationally renowned Italian car manufacturer - is home to a plethora of museums, not the least of which being Museo Egizio. A massive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including statues that date back to the New Kingdom and a temple to one of the Egyptian gods found their way to this historical Italian city. Around them, an accumulation of artifacts and stories has risen: museums dedicated to automobiles, cinema, and the Risorgimento alongside many others have been established in Torino. The history of the entire world seems to come together in Torino, making it the perfect place to discover the whos, whats, whys, whens, wheres, and hows of the world. All of this seems to rise up out of the Alps.


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