The 5 Best Art Galleries in Milan Featured

 Classic and historic, modern and fresh

by Ann Bargstedt

With so much art to see in Milan, it is critical to prioritize the best of all the different galleries. Of course there are the classics galleries that dominate the scene, but electing to stray from that well trodden path can be rewarding. Because of this, LUXOS has found a few of the lesser-known, but still inspiring galleries of Milan. The following five locations are some of the very best Milan has to offer, visitors will leave them feeling like they have truly experienced the art scene that this city is so well known for.  

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Massimo de Carlo

Featuring new, young, and unique artists is Massimo de Carlo. This gallery actually has two locations. Each of these houses various exhibitions every year that combine different mediums to create a well rounded presentation. ons in Milan: one right between Montenapoleone and the Duomo and the other in Città Studi. The utilitarian vibe of the spaces themselves serves to emphasize the genius of the gallery’s artists. This method provides a quintessential experience to those who choose to visit either Massimo de Carlo locale.  

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Monica de Cardenas

Just north of Porta Nuova, there is the gallery Monica de Cardenas. Unorthodox tapestries, abstract paintings, photographs, and other types of images adorn the walls and there are often sculptures and pottery on display as well. The gallery itself is like a blank canvas, with lots of natural light, white walls, and wood floors. The exhibitionists recreate mystique and intrigue with every new showing.

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Galleria Raffaella Cortese

Each of the exhibitions at Galleria Raffaella Cortese is rooted in both research and experimentation. There are three separate addresses that host the shows that make up this gallery on Via Stradella, just east of Zona Buenos Aires. This invites guests to stroll down the street, perhaps stop at a cafe or restaurant, and take in the beauty of Milan juxtaposed with that of all the art. The pieces themselves are selected to make a point about the political and/or social climate of the world, adding a level of stimulation to an already gorgeous experience.  

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The Cardi Gallery

A few blocks north of the Brera district there is The Cardi Gallery. With focus on Italian Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary art, this gallery has a large collection of historic pieces that are coveted around the world; Cardi annually attends some of the world’s biggest art shows because of this. Many major art connoisseurs flock to Cardi to build their own collections, as the displays are astounding.

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Corso Como 10

This gallery offers more than one would imagine. Corso Como 10, located near the Milano Porta Garibaldi train station is divided into 7 areas: a concept boutique, a restaurant, a gallery, a bookstore, a hotel, and a rooftop terrace. A visit to this gallery could easily turn into a full day or two of gazing at art, eating Italian food, and basking in their hidden courtyard garden. This is easily one of Milan’s most popular hidden gems. It was established by Carla Sozzani, sister of deceased Franca Sozzani, editor and chief of Vogue, who brought the glamour of her magazine to life at Corso Como 10 with the idea of sophistication always in mind. This gallery is a high end art lover’s oasis.

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