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3 Surprising Aspects about Milan Featured

 LUXOS editors share their love for Milan.

by LUXOS Editorial

Wallpaper Magazine awarded the industrious and progressive city in northern Italy as best city in 2019. With all the buzz around the important projects archistars, stellar chefs and industry leaders have been working on in recent years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see how pretty Milan is becoming every day. If you step back and look at it closely, this city reflects the perfect collision between tradition and future, of being Italian yet international, and people throughout the world have started noticing it more and more. The number of visitors setting foot on Lombardy’s soil is increasing every day - next week, during Design Week 2019, numbers are expected to grow even higher than last years’ 434,000 visitors participating at Salone and Fuori Salone - making it hard to secure a place to stay in town. 

Still, there is more than fashion and design that grabs people’s attention year round in Milan. Our editors share their views of three surprising aspects that make them feel good about living in Milan to prove we are on the right path to grow into a more liveable city every day.

The boss…


Cheryl Chu

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What surprises you about Milan?

Downtown Milan is now greener than ever before, and with this positive change, living in the city centre has become healthier than ever before. First of all, there are now more parks. I used to just go to Parco Sempione and Giardini Pubblici, but now I prefer the green areas surrounding Piazza Gae Aulenti. The Biblioteca degli Alberi is a great example of a beautifully landscaped park that offers the intimacy of a garden. I don’t know if the city will really be able to plant 3 million trees by the year 2030, as seen on Leo DiCaprio’s Instagram post, but I sure think that Milan’s heading in the right direction. Food and beverage have diversified too. From juice bars to casual Asian dishes, there are many more healthier on-the-go options - a real lifesaver during Fashion Week or Design Week when there is no time for a sit-down meal between appointments.

green milan luxosPhoto courtesy of Cheryl Chu

The writer…


Sara Kaufman

Born in:


What surprises you about Milan?

I recently became a mother and, once I overcame the initial shock, I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and variety of child-friendly spots and activities which the city has to offer. Whether you live in Milan, you are here for pleasure or you are travelling for business you might actually be able to work, take the kids out with you and enjoy the city: pretty much a miracle. For example, several museums and art galleries (Mudec and Hangar Bicocca just to mention a few) offer educational activities which children can enjoy while mum watches the exhibition. In addition to this there are several children and baby-oriented cafes which offer a cosy environment, plenty of toys and also maternity-related courses and meetings (check out Living Suavinex near the Navigli area). However, the best of it all, are probably the coworking spaces with an adjointed kindergarten, which allow the parents to work while the children are fully taken care off: QF and Piano C offer luminous examples of how balancing family life and work can be possible, with adequate services.

Qbaby 1Photo courtesy of Qbaby

The digitally savvy...


Lavinia Pisani

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What surprises you about Milan?

As a local, who lived for many years in the U.S., I am pleasantly surprised by the culinary scene Milan offers today. Yes, Italy is an amazing country that features plenty of dishes that will probably take a lifetime to try them all. I love to travel throughout the country and taste local products but I also have developed a palate for new flavours, ingredients and cooking methods. Just the other day, I went for Korean buns at Mini Maoji in Navigli; this is a pick-up-and-go kind of place which I recommend trying when time is short or weather beautiful. For a high-end sit down aperitivo/ dinner, try Huan toward the end of Ripa di Porta Ticinese!

mini maoiji navigli luxosPhoto courtesy of Mini Maoiji Navigli


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