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Things to Do in CityLife Milano Featured

Explore a futuristic side of Milan during MiArt

by Naomi Vakharia

 With MiArt taking Milan by storm, now is the perfect time to explore some of the newer, up-and-coming spots in the city. CityLife Milano takes you from an Italian city and drops you straight into a modern neighborhood. The location of MiArt, Fiera Milano, was developed by the same group that is currently overseeing CityLife’s structure. The architecture, including that of the famed Tre Torri, is being carried out by a plethora of esteemed architects, like Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, and Daniel Libeskind. Designed to make use of open space, precise lines, and modern skyscrapers, this architectural dream is like that of a futuristic movie. After visiting MiArt and enjoying the contemporary art, take a stroll through CityLife and appreciate its modern and contemporary architecture. The neighborhood looks like one large contemporary art installation come to life and is a must-see. Here are some of our top picks for what to see, do, and experience while wandering through CityLife.


From breakfast to books, RED is a unique store that allows guests to dine and read at the same time. Perfect for a quiet moment to yourself, RED offers a wide selection of books appropriate for your leisure reading and even entertainment for younger children. During the summer hours, RED offers games, workshops, and activities for the whole family. It offers a small piece of tranquility during a busy week that will be a great moment for you to recharge.

Every Friday evening, there is an acoustic jazz performance over aperitif. In collaboration with Musica Oggi, Civici Corsi di Jazz, and RED, this weekly event is anything but routine. Each week, performances change, guaranteeing your experience will be unique and entertaining. This is the ideal way to end an evening spent in the CityLife District.

jazz in red final

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Esteemed chef, Heinz Beck brings his prestigious culinary skills to Milan in his new restaurant, Attimi. Redefining the concept of casual dining, Attimi is focused on the time a guest has. With a majority of the menu a la carte, this allows for the dining experience to move at the pace of each guest. The philosophy behind this format is to allow busy guests to dine lavishly without compromise. They can get the famed three-star experience without having to rush through the meal.

attimi final

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Milano Home Design

With a new showroom in the heart of CityLife, Milano Home Design allows visitors to experience the quality and functionality of their services. The company is known for its recognisable “Made in Italy” products, whose qualities need no explanation. They offer an exclusive touch to each unique space created. Not only is this an experience in itself, but will definitely give you inspiration for your home renovation projects.

milano home design

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