The Ws of MiArt 2019 Featured

 Milan raises cultural awareness through art

by Ann Bargstedt

Milan is a center for many industries, however the entire city’s focus is being pulled to the art scene this upcoming weekend. MiArt is made up of a total of seven exhibitions every year. These include Established Masters, Established Contemporary, Generations, Decades, Emergent, On Demand, and Object. Each of these is designed to stand independently as an inspiring showing of emotion reflecting society’s current climate, however together they create an overarching statement about the state of humanity. This is accomplished by combining different mediums of art from a range of generations. The mixing and mingling of so many forms of art from several decades serves to make a point. This statement is about the world and how it works. MiArt is more than just an annual art show; it is a platform on which cultural awareness has flourished and its 24th edition will be nothing short of that.

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Different galleries from Milan as well as around the globe contribute artwork to make this event possible; Massimo De Carlo, Cardi, and Ex Elettrofonica are just a few of these. MiArt is a comprehensive presentation of art, as it includes pieces that represent every emotion and form art that are relevant and understandable in today’s world.  

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Each of the seven exhibitions has its own identity, variations of which are created every year. For example, the Established Masters gallery will present the work of well known artists whose works were completed before 1999. Meanwhile, Generations will offer the creations of just two artists, who have been specifically invited for this purpose, that create a dialogue between them. MiArt continues to show variation within itself with On Demand, which house a series of booths, each of which will show work that are meant to be very relatable as to create a direct connection to the people that visit them. The other four have their own concepts that dictate their content and manner of organization. Combined, they will provide a thesis on how the world functions.

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The city’s annual Art Week, running from April 1 through April 7 this year, will consume the entire city of Milan, culminating in MiArt. This show is opening on April 5 and will see the week out.

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This show will take center stage of Art Week at Fiera Milano City. This exhibition centre is located near the Portello subway station on Metro Line 1 as well as the City Life shopping district.  


Every year, this show juxtaposes the work of artists from multiple generations in order to create a provocative statement. The curators strive to raise awareness of the enduring culture through this series of exhibitions that aim to show people what has changed over time and what has not. MiArt provides a revelation.

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Furniture, paintings, sculptures, and many more methods of creation are pulled from every stratus of the art world to create these displays; the variations even include that of generations, as pieces done anywhere from the 20th century to today are brought in.

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MiArt is known for showing some of the most renowned pieces of art. In 2018, the Emergent gallery featured works from 20 galleries from 10 different countries. This provided a fantastic collection, including the notable sculpture Airbender by Sebastion Moldovan from the gallery Eastward Prospectus. This is just one of the many pieces within MiArt 2018 that caught the attention of the world. The astonishing quality of past MiArt shows makes MiArt 2019 a must-see show, as the gripping and poignant creativity of MiArt’s curators is sure to persist into this year’s edition. Milan Art Week is a fabulous celebration of art and culture and MiArt is its crown jewel.

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