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5 Best Co-Working Spaces Milan Featured

 Ideal co-workings in Milan conceived for dynamic workers. 

by LUXOS editorial

When travelling for work, finding a confortable and stylish place to sit down with your laptop open and fully charged becomes a necessity. If you happen to be in Milan, probably covering the Men Fashion Week, take note of these co-work spaces and get productive. We highly recommend you calling ahead to secure a spot at Talent Garden and Copernico.


co working milano santeria

Santeria is an institution in the local cultural scene, and hosts concerts and parties. The atmosphere in the co-working space is relaxed and informal. The artsy vibe makes it the ideal setting for creative professionals. The café serves a spectacular brunch and you might as well choose to extend your working hours till cocktail o’clock.

Talent Garden

co working milan talent garden

From smart working to lifestyle working. Most co-workings don’t just offer a workspace but an actual community, complete with networking, training programmes and, sometimes, even a swimming pool! Talent Garden has two creatively designed campuses in up-and-coming areas of the city. More than 400 individuals work here, swapping ideas and knowledge in a constant community growth.

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co working milan copernico

Smart working starts with co-working. Built around the needs of digital nomads, Copernico offers classy workspaces and living areas. The cafeteria, library and little park create a perfect balance between work and leisure. Copernico also launched the exclusive Clubhouse Brera, where members have access to all sorts of facilities such as onsite restaurant and fully furnished office suites.


co working milan qf

Both mums and both workers, Erika and Raffaella decided to open a space that would, first of all, allow them to combine work and family life. So they created Qf, a co-working space with a childcare in its premises: Qbaby. This proved to be a winning solution for young working parents. Qf has the same pleasant atmosphere of a home – kitchen, living room, comfy working areas and, of course, a lively children’s room.

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co working milan otto

Right in the heart of Chinatown lies this polyhedral pspace. Opened by different souls for different souls, oTTo is a cafè/ bar/ restaurant perfect for every time of the day. The interior is bright, original, and airy with a green wall at the end full of vases with hanging plants. Choose your table, open your laptop and order your lunch/ cafè the rest will come itself, trust us.

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