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Where to Exchange Gifts in Milan Featured

The most exciting time of the year has almost arrived which means it is time to exchange Christmas presents.

by Victoria Stone

When you give a present, you show affection. Behind a simple gesture, there can be many thoughts and considerations to make someone feel special. In order to best achieve your caring intentions, atmosphere will play a big role also. LUXOS has selected 5 romantic spots in Milan where to exchange Christmas presents this years because yours will be hard to forget. 

Sforza Castle

Built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan, The Sforza Castle is a Milanese treasure and a great location to visit with your significant other this holiday season. Begin the evening with some cultural immersion by taking a tour before 5:30 pm through the inside of the structure, which houses pieces by prominent artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci. Once the sun begins to set and you have finished exploring Sforza’s interior, take a romantic stroll through the outside of the castle. The front of Sforza, which contains a colossal fountain that is majestically lit up at nighttime and during the Christmas season red and green lights reflect off of the structure, which will create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, making it a great place for a gift exchange.


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Navigli Canals 

Take an after dinner stroll down the canal strip, and swap gifts on the canal bridges, a spot that will allow you to overlook the lovely water and enjoy the creative work of Leonardo Da Vinci, who is partially responsible for the creation of the Navigli canals. The canals were originally built as a means of connecting Milan to Lake Como for transportation purposes, as precious Marble from Candoglia was shipped in order to be used to construct the Duomo. Navigli is currently an aperitivo haven, and beautifully lit up at night time during the holiday season. Start your evening by grabbing a drink and a light snack at one or more of the many aperitivo restaurants the canals has to offer. Once aperitivo has finished head to dinner at Trattoria Toscana for a romantic, candlelit, traditional Tuscan meal.


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Arco Della Pace 

Situated right next to Milano Parco Sempione, Arco Della Pace is considered the “city gate” due to the fact that Corso Sempione was built with the intention of connecting Milan to Paris. Begin your evening by stopping for dinner in Brera, where you will walk past boutiques with Christmas themed window displays guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. Be sure to check out L’Osteria di Brera, as it is a fine dining experience offering a vast seafood menu as well as traditional Italian meals like truffle pasta and risotto. Conclude the night at Bhangrabar where you can sit outside and order drinks, allowing you to enjoy a prime view of the arch while exchanging gifts.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II  

Located next to the Milan Cathedral is Italy’s oldest shopping mall, the immaculate Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is always exquisitely decorated for the holidays. Start your evening by taking a stroll in the quadrilatero della moda in Via della Spiga. The fancy boutiques will have incredible Christmas window displays and music playing. Afterwards, head to the 5-star Bulgari Hotel and have dinner at Spazio Niko Romito Milano, a chic restaurant serving fine traditional Italian dishes. When you have finished dinner, be sure to walk over to the Galleria to view the stunning Christmas tree. Decorated in Swarovski crystals, the tree and is situated under the dome, which is also covered in blinding, blue twinkly lights, creating a surreal and utopian-like atmosphere. This ambiance will make the act of switching gifts with your loved one a truly magical experience.

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Gae Aulenti 

John Cusack’s movie Serendipity may be partially to blame for this, but ice skating rinks make for the ideal location for romance during Christmas time. Luckily, Piazza Gae Aulenti, located in Milan’s ultra futuristic Porta Nuova, offers free skating during the Christmas season, the perfect activity for stimulating excitement about the holidays while also bonding with your significant other. After doing some skating and exchanging gifts, check out the exclusive boutiques or bookshops in this area, which will be beautifully decorated for Christmas. Complete the romantic evening at Acanto, a high quality, fine dining location in a classic and beautiful atmosphere.


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