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Armani Silos - From one season to another SARAH MOON Armani Silos - From one season to another SARAH MOON Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Photographer Sarah Moon takes Milan Featured

Discover one of the world’s best photographers inside exclusive fashion settings.

by Sara Kaufman

Milan celebrates Sarah Moon and her mysterious, evanescent photography with two simultaneous exhibitions, till January 6th, held in two of the city’s fashion key centres: Armani/Silos and the Galleria Carla Sozzani (located in the exclusive setting of 10 Corso Como, Europe’s first and most fashionable concept store).

Galleria Carla Sozzani will host the exhibition "Sarah Moon, Time at Work" highlighting the artist's path from 1995 to 2018, accompanied by an historical documentary film by Sarah Moon about the artist Lillian Bassman. In parallel, Armani/Silos will host “From one season to another”, counting over one hundred and seventy images in colour and black and white.

04 Sarah Moon Fashion 06 Gauthier 1998© Sarah Moon Fashion, Gauthier 1998

Moon ranks among the most important contemporary photographers working today. After working in Paris as a model, she took up photography in 1968. As well as advertising campaigns for important fashion labels, she depicted the emancipated yet illusive 70s woman through the pages of the ground breaking magazine Nova. In 1985 she started developing personal projects.

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Walking around an exhibition of Sarah Moon is like peeping inside someone’s mind, or stepping inside a dream, in that particular phase before rem when images start to fade and turn into visions. Mesmerising blacks and whites and sepia, with occasional sprouts of luminous yet soft colours, unexpected enough to become precious gifts. Her vision of the world is a forgiving one: everything is beautiful because everything deserves to be beautiful. And everything holds a story which is worthy to be told. Her fashion shots became stories, with the same narrative strength as her ballet, circus and industrial images. A desolated landscape becomes a wonderland, a young model becomes a woman with a mysterious past, a sensual present and an unexpected future. As delicate as watercolours, as poetic as old black and white movies, as charming as reality.

Armani Silos From one season to another SARAH MOON Courtesy of Giorgio Armani 2Armani Silos From one season to another SARAH MOON. Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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Take some time to explore both the exhibitions and the settings, diving deep into some of fashion and art history’s most important chapters. Armani/Silos hosts a permanent collection featuring the best pieces from over forty years of Giorgio Armani collections, while 10 Corso Como features one of the best bookshops in town and an amazing fashion boutique.

In Milan, fashion, art and beauty walk hand in hand!


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