District Guide: Porta Venezia Featured

Where old meets new, two neighbourhoods, though side-by-side, couldn’t be farther apart in attitude.

by LUXOS Editorial

With roots as far back as the 12th century, Porta Venezia’s stately neoclassical buildings shelter one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in the city. A stone’s throw away, Porta Nuova, which up until the nineties was still an industrial wasteland, boasts freshly completed skyscrapers and the city’s commercial centre. To truly understand Milan’s eclectic new face, a visit to both is required.

Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano
Another of Piero Portaluppi’s residential gems, Museo Boschi de Stefano was once the home of art collectors Antonio and Marieda Di Stefano. The walls of this museum are stacked with Italian art spanning from early 20th century up until the 1960s; this museum offers a gorgeous glimpse into Milan’s past.


Portaluppi Arch
This monument is an architectural masterpiece designed by Piero Portaluppi, and the street it is built on is the site for many commercial shoots. You can book a local tour or stroll down Via Salvini to explore some of the city’s most intriguing design-scape.


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For over thirty years Spotti has been bringing the best of Italian design to its showroom on Viale Piave. Stop by to see what’s hot for design week and this season’s top picks.


Hands on Design
This little shop in Porta Venezia is doing big things. Focusing on small-scale artisans and craftspeople from around the world, they showcase a slower, more thoughtful side of design.

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