QC Terme Milano

Put on your white robe and step into another world of renewal and relaxation.

QC Terme Milano is the most holistic relaxation experience you will find in the city. Fully equipped with saunas, salt baths, hot tubs, sensory waterfalls, and more, the aquatics of the treatment center are sure to please. The services at QC Terme aim to appeal to all of your senses, so once you emerge from a purifying bio sauna, you have the opportunity to indulge in a wellness lunch or aperitif. Your sense of taste and smell will be overwhelmed in the best of ways by the assortment of fresh fruits, savory snacks, and tiny desserts. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and head out back to dip your feet in the thermal bath or step inside the bio tram, which acts as a sauna in the midst of luscious grass and fairy lights. Whether you choose to treat yourself to a massage, or simply take in the fresh air on a chaise lounge outside, you will leave with a newfound sense of peace and appreciation for your body and soul. 

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QC Terme Milano

Piazzale Medaglie D'Oro, 2, 20135 Milano

02 5519 9367