Out of the Ordinary: Milan Featured

Traditions exist for a reason, but it's time to embrace the new when you visit the Italian fashion capital.

It goes without saying that whilst in Milan, you must stroll down Via della Spiga and enjoy a spritz at a small café in Brera. You can treat yourself at the shops in the Galleria and indulge in one of the best gellaterias in the city, but spending time in Milan is the perfect opportunity to embark on new experiences. Consider visitng these locations if you are looking to create a unique itinerary. 


Museo del Novecento


When walking through Museo del Novecento, or Museum of the Twentieth Century, you will find a rich profusion of works by Italian artists as well as art from beyond the border, by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Kandinsky. The museum emphasizes and focuses on the development of Italian artwork but also emphasizes innovation by bringing in work by modern artists. Novecento was established in 2010, and displays over four thousand priceless works of art that were either inherited by the city of Milan or donated by private curators. Upon entering you will be greeted by a grand spiral staircase and will catch a glimpse of the symbolic painting “Il Quarto Stato” by neo-impressionist painter Pellizza da Volpedo. You will find the museum’s permanent collection displayed in chronological order, which allows guests to see and feel the progression and transformation of the Novecento Italiano artistic movement, founded in Milan in 1922. You cannot leave the museum without stopping at Giacomo Arengario, a rooftop bistro that serves as an integral component of the museum’s social atmosphere. A delectable dinner overlooking the Cathedral Square is the perfect way to end a day spent at Novecento.

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Being the first raw vegan restaurant in Milan, Mantra has challenged traditional views on the Italian dining experience. Minimalistic décor and simplistic menu items coincide with the restaurant’s state of mind: eating raw food is not a fashion, but is a way to fuel the body and a way of life. Basic ingredients are better, but that does not mean a dish from Mantra lacks in sophistication. Alberto Minio Paluello, who is referred to as a food designer rather than a chef, prepares tomato fondue, pumpkin gnocchi, and coconut and pineapple ravioli in the Raw Lab, where high-quality, raw ingredients are kept fresh and used as elements of a creative process. Guests can visit Mantra for a meal or stop by its market for snacks, superfoods, and cold-pressed juices.

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LabSolue Perfume Laboratory 


A Moleskine journal or Pisa watch are essential purchases if you want to remember your time spent in Milan. But what if you truly want to capture the sights and smells of the magnificent city? At the LabSolue Perfume Laboratory, you can relive memories of nights turned into mornings and aperitifs turned into late night meals, all in a glass bottle. Here you will be given the opportunity to experience thirty-nine scents which are used in different combinations to make sixteen signature fragrances. Create your own signature scent or treat yourself to an artisanal scented candle. Simply setting foot in the laboratory will take you on an olfactory journey like no other.

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