How To Ease into Milanese Featured

Your time in Milan would not be complete without strolling through the Galleria or seeing a show at Teatro alla Scala. But what if you want to experience all that Milan has to offer, and more? In the heart of the city, you will find boutiques and bakeries that take you overseas, beyond the culture of the Milanese.

Whether this is your first time in the city or you regularly spend your summers enjoying an aperitif in a fabulous location, these spots are must-sees if you want a glimpse of glamour from around the world.


Museo delle Culture


Museo delle Culture, or MUDEC, is a divine addition to the diverse architecture of the city and speaks to the global community that has become embedded in the landscape of Milan. A hub of human history, MUDEC is dedicated to analyzing different cultures of the world and how they interact with that of the Milanese. The facility, which was transformed from an old factory, was completed in 2015 and is home to workshops and studios dedicated to studies of scientific and sociologic nature. For those who are looking to get a feel for the city and catch a glimpse of societies from all seven continents, there are over 7,000 pieces of artwork, books, artefacts, instruments and other relics on display. Temporary exhibits that have encompassed French and Russian paintings to photographic projects from the World City Forum are bound to speak to guests, no matter when they choose to visit.

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Afternoon Tea with Ladurèe 


Get a little taste of Paris within the fashion district of Milan at an afternoon tea with Ladurée. An assortment of finger sandwiches and pastries along with carefully-crafted macarons make for a scrumptious, light midday meal in an idyllic setting. The scent of freshly peeled fruits and newly picked berries—characteristic of Ladurée’s signature teas—will greet you as you enter the charming, airy lounge. The elegant luncheon, decorated with pastel-coloured china, is topped off with a glass of champagne. Afternoon tea with Ladurée is the perfect opportunity to unwind tastefully and indulge in the simple pleasures of a Parisian patisserie. Select guests can order boxes of the famous macarons in a wide variety of flavours and colours to take a bit of the charm with them.

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La Rinascente 



Just near the Duomo is La Rinascente, winner of the world’s best department store award in 2016. The flagship store has everything you could possibly want or need: from high-end apparel and cosmetics to books, jewelry, and luggage, anything you forgot at home or want to treat yourself to whilst in Milan is steps away. La Rinascente is also known for its textiles and furniture as well as its wide selection of restaurants and cafes. This ten-storey wonderland has a refined ambiance and feels as though it is a portal to the rest of the world; with imported home interiors and designer labels, cultural exhibitions, and an array of global cuisines, La Rinascente makes for a sophisticated shopping experience you will never forget.

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