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An Elegant Experience in the Italian Fashion Capital Featured

Milan, being the fashion capital of the world, is known for its great finesse. You will find sophistication in every element of your Milanese experience, from each food and drink to every sight and smell. 

The past and present are constantly colliding in every corner of the city. Consider these locations if you are looking to craft an itinerary of elegance with a taste of old and new.

Armani Silos 



Nearly forty years of styles depicting the creative process of Giorgio Armani can be found at the Armani Silos fashion art museum in Milan’s Tortona district. Guests can walk through four storeys of exhibits set in an old granary and develop a deeper understanding of Armani’s fondness of uniformity and balance. Cool undertones, minimal decorative elements, and cement floors capture visitors’ attention and transport them into the mind of Armani. The primary exhibit encompasses 600 outfits and 200 accessories across Armani’s collections from the 1980’s to today. Prepare to travel through time as you gaze at daywear from the early 90's and admire gowns fit for black-tie affairs in the late 2000's. The museum expresses Armani’s exotic yet poised approach to fashion, and the way in which he views style as an indicator of social change.

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MAG Café

MagCafe1Valentina Spelta


Mag Café, purposely and perfectly located near the water in Milan’s Navigli District, embodies a merge between the old and new. Adorned with antique Argentinian counters, cabinets and rustic lighting fixtures that emit a soft glow, Mag gives a wistful feel to a night out, yet owners Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo hope that guests will leave having turned strangers into friends. Mag is a place for those who are passionate about their food and drink; cocktails are not simply looked at as beverages, but as works of art. The café’s list of specialty drinks is updated every three to six months to include a diversity of flavour and fizz, with ingredients hailing from a variety of countries around the world. LUXOS recommends trying the “Cocktail of the Month.” Though constantly modified, the drink is formulated with the freshest in-season ingredients. The walls of the café, embellished with ever-changing photos and prints, invite guests into the world of the artist, and the intimate setting nurtures a bond among friends and lovers, old and new.

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Shopping isn’t simply about fulfilling wants and needs, it’s about updating your way of life. Excelsior Milano understands that, making a trip to the luxury department store an experience that will evoke your senses and emotions. Video screens display footage of an elegant lifestyle of high-fashion, cutting-edge technology, fine food, and a flawless aesthetic. The seven-floor fashion hub was designed by architects Jean Nouvel and Vincenzo de Cotiis and is divided by type of style rather than brand. On one floor you will find sections of footwear dedicated to Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, and on another, you will find yourself in a sea of accessories from Gucci, Valentino, and Borsalino. While you can see and feel the fashions on the floors above, you should also take a trip to the ground level and basement to awaken your sense of smell and taste. Testing scents from the perfume gallery and trying fresh fruits and vegetables from the contemporary food market will complete your Excelsior experience.

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