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Submerge yourself in the unknown, for an experience that opens your senses to new possibilities.

Dialogue in the Dark is an exhibit raising awareness and give people the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the blind experience. The one of a kind activity aims to create awareness on disability and diversity while increasing tolerance for otherness.

Dialogue in the Dark provide tours that heighten the sounds, scents, wind and textures you experience. The tours are hosted by a blind guide who shows you around a park, a city,or even embark in a boat ride without having sight. The tours are often followed by an aperitivo. These hour long tours open the doors for exploring the unseen and teach you how to interact and rely on your remaining senses.

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The creator, Andreas Heinecke was inspired by his family’s conflicting ancestry. His mother’s family were victims of Nazi Germany’s regime, while his father’s family supported it. This discovery sparked Heinecke’s passion to create an exhibit that brought social justice and ignited compassion within participants. When he came across a colleague and journalist who had lost his eyesight, Heinecke was confronted with the fact that his misconceptions about the blind experience were wrong. He learned that his false pity was unwarranted, and that being blind has several capabilities. After gaining a better understanding on what it was like to live without sight, Andreas was inspired to share the powerful experience that forces you to question what you value most in life.

Dialogue in the Dark, also known as Dialogo Nel Buio in Italian, is happening right now in Milan at at the Institute for the Blind in Milan, Via Nursery 7. It is also available in Genova, Milan, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more. Let go of your preconceived notions of disabilities and immerse yourself in the rewarding multi-sensory journey-

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