24 Hours In Milan: Where To Do, Dine & Spend Flickr/Jess Wood

24 Hours In Milan: Where To Do, Dine & Spend

If you only have 24 hours in Milan, you need to go to all of the places we have specially picked just for you.

Milan may not be a destination with vast beaches and parasols like some of Italy’s other popular destinations, but it is an epicenter for cool and knows how to do it right. Read on to see where you can visit to make the most of a fleeting visit to the city, that doesn’t involve crowds of tourist and sad, sloppy pizza.

La Vigna Di Leonardo

The city of Milan has Leonardo Da Vinci’s stamp all over it. From the Duomo Cathedral, to the naviglio to the painting of the Last Supper, you can’t go too far without stumbling across a little piece of his ingenuity. But where did he live? During the time that he was working on The Last Supper, located in the Santa Maria Delle Grazie, he was gifted a home directly opposite on the ancient street of Corso Magenta. Here he tinkered and lived while production went on. He was famously known to be extremely fond of the vines he grew in the back of the English style garden and today visitors can take a guided tour around this beautiful private home and its exceptional gardens. This is well worth a visit if you want to learn about the real historical culture of Milan and how Da Vinci was influenced and in turn gave his own influence to the city.


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Armani Spa


Nothing oozes Milan glamour like Giorgio Armani. His flagship complex, located on Via Manzoni, is home to a whole world of everything GA. Most spectacularly, the spa on the upper level of the Armani Hotel is about to take your breath away. With stunning views looking out onto the Duomo and an internal aesthetic that screams minimal chic, the setting for an indulgent afternoon is appropriately set. The spa features relaxation areas, sauna, couples massage rooms, a gym and private dining. If you are looking for the most opulent way to spa in the city, then Armani is where you need to go. Clear your schedule, turn off your phone and put on a luxurious robe. The rest, well, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

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Bianco Latte


Located in the heart of the financial center, lies the magical haven known as Bianco Latte. This beautifully white washed bistro is open from breakfast straight through to a midnight street. Ideal for a quick lunch, gelato stop or light dinner, Bianco Latte can’t be described as anything else but a pleasurable delight. Child friendly and open for Sunday brunch, Bianco Latte consistently attracts the Milanese customer and it is a place for those in the know. With the best ice cream in the city, and a beautiful little concept store inside, you really can spend all day in this wondrous place. Make sure to try their specialty ‘Mamma Mia’ gelato, in fact, all of their flavors are so delectable you can’t choose just one!

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Piazza Gae Aulenti

GAEAULENTIUnicredit Tower, Piazza Gae Aulenti

Piazza Gae Aulenti is home to the enormous UniCredit tower that, literally, towers over the whole city. Finished in 2013, this piazza is now home to a whole range of international flagship stores, restaurants, cafes and brands. Located just at the top of the world famous Corso Como, you can go for a stroll round the shops, take a coffee break (and an excellent people watch), go for dinner and even go for a run with the Nike running club. Piazza Gae Aulenti has been essential in shaping the new Milan and continues to bring locals and tourists all year round. What’s more, the pleasant setting has some beautiful fountains that are lit up at night, making for a real holiday away from the city feel during the hot summer evenings.

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Cavalli e Nastri


Whenever you travel to somewhere fabulous like New York, London, Paris and Milan the idea of picking up a vintage treat is always in the back of your mind. But where can you find that Chanel brooch or those YSL tribute heels? This is always the struggle. But at Cavalli e Nastri, you are walking into a dress up box that will fulfill all of your hearts desires. Found right in the heart of Milan’s buzzing Brera district, Cavalli e Nastri offers the people of Milan the most opulent and sought after pieces from clothes and accessories to shoes and handbags. All of the items are in great condition and carefully selected by the fantastic team. If you want to drive yourself into fashion frenzy, then take yourself down to this wonderful vintage emporium.

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Terrazza Triennale


In the heart of Parco Sempione you will find La Triennale, a contemporary art museum. If that wasn’t enough of a treat, its rooftop is home to the exquisite Terrazza Triennale restaurant. Sit yourself out on the decking, completely surrounded by glass, and take in the awe-inspiring views of the park and Milan skyline. With a Michelin Star to its name and the most amazing setting you may ever see in the city, Terrazza Triennale sets the most perfect scene for a romantic dinner, special occasion or an evening out with your favorites. Experience the feeling of escapism from the bustling city and indulge in a truly unforgettable night. We would definitely recommend a glass of champagne on arrival.

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