Porta Venezia: What to Do

Porta Venezia will come alive this spring, with the best of art and style on its streets.

by Ifeoluwa Adedeji

Corso Buenos Aires, a veritable melting pot of cultures, is the main street in this district. It’s where Milan embraces diversity, succumbs to the pull of international influences and truly becomes animated and unique. The principle road branches off into other paths that flourish with a nightlife to rival great capitals, which could mislead you into thinking that Milan is one. Night owls and explorers will be welcomed with a warm embrace, and the curious can also pack their inquisitiveness; it will take you far in these parts.

Lisa Corti

From linen fabrics to muslin, wool and silk, the materials created at Lisa Corti are a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours, which draw on Indian influences and are destined to cover and thus enhance cushions, windows and chairs.

Jannelli & Volpi

If the wallpaper collection doesn’t draw you in, perhaps the items of furnishing will. The JV store does the Italian furniture industry proud by presenting an offering that’s just too good to pass up.

Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano

With approximately 2,000 pieces of artwork owned by art fanatic couple Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano, at their request, upon their death, their home was turned into a museum. It features some of their original furnishings, which include a small table designed by Piero Portaluppi.


This is what you get when you cross an art gallery with a book/concept/design store; a treat for curious minds who wish to be stimulated. Crumbling plaster reveals old brickwork, from which black and white photos are hung to help create a characterful and trendy atmosphere.

Laboratorio 16

Having succeeded in the self-imposed task of designing objects that make you feel at home no matter where you are, talented interior design duo Giorgia and Marcello, have also accomplished the feat of restyling the modern nouvelle cuisine restaurant Joia (see below). Visit Laboratorio 16 to see more on their handiwork.


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