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Milan Design Week 2016: Ventura Lambrate guide

This section of Milan’s Fuorisalone offers a refreshing section of the youngest and most innovative design

Ventura Lambrate is the name of a dynamic organisation that runs the Lambrate section of the Fuorisalone events accompanying the Furniture Show. It has come a long way since its launch in 2010, when there were just 24 exhibitors: last year there were over 80, attracting over 100,000 visitors. We spoke to Margriet Vollenberg, owner of Organisation in Design which runs Ventura Lambrate, and Fulvia Ramogida, who runs the Milan office.

What will the main themes be at Ventura Lambrate this year?

Ventura Lambrate Photo by Marco Ranocchio© Marco Ranocchio

Margriet Vollenberg: There will be a lot regarding technology in its broadest sense, and a focus on the role of design academies. One of the spaces will be a penthouse-type building with an incredible view that shows exactly what Lambrate is like. Another space is totally empty and abandoned, and we will give visitors the chance to see this large, majestic structure in reinforced concrete, with huge arches and vaults.

Tell us about the integration between Ventura Lambrate and the local population?

Ventura Lambrate exhibition photo - Overview 02Ventura Lambrate

Fulvia Ramogida: It’s not always easy, but the local people now understand our quest for quality. They are happy to see how beautiful the district is when it’s so lively, and there are now other events in addition to Ventura Lambrate, such as art events with coordinated openings in the area’s many galleries.

How did Ventura Lambrate start?

Ventura Lambrate Branch Photo-by-Marco-RanocchioBranch © Marco Ranocchio

Margriet Vollenberg: It really began about 15 years ago, when I was working in Milan as a designer. A Dutch company, Moooi, asked for my help in launching their company in Italy because I spoke Italian, and that induced me to start thinking about the possibility of giving other smaller, emerging design companies and academies the chance to exhibit during the Furniture Show in alternative spaces.

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