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The Soul behind the Scent at Il Profvmo
Published in Beauty

With a destiny as star-crossed as her fragrances, Silvana Casoli is the defining name of ‘Il Profvmo’.

Prestigious Perfumes of Barcelona
Published in Spend

Take in not only the sights, but also the scents, of the Mediterranean.

Ex-Nihilo perfumes.
Published in Things to do

Embark on a fragrant journey, exploring London's premier perfumers.

360° Spending in Hong Kong
Published in Spend

With a long history of bespoke tailoring and a heritage of luxury goods, Hong Kong is notorious for being the epicentre of style and clothing in the Asian market today. Dress, smell and look the part in the centre of Hong Kong with these experiential shopping destinations. 

Parfümerie Albrecht
Published in Spend

Feel fragrant in Frankfurt with one of these oud master perfumes.

Published in Spend

Fragrant fragrances grace the shelves of Hamburg's Meister-Parfumerie. What will you take home with you?

Published in Spend

Design your own personal fragrance or select an already bottled scent at Nose, one of the finest perfumeries in Paris.

The Male Comfort Zone
Published in Fashion

Gentlemen, you might want to stand up for this. These statement pieces are the final word in footwear.

Baldinini Steps into the Future
Published in Fashion

Italian footwear brand, Baldinini, takes two steps forward and ventures into new territory.

LabSolue - Perfume Lab
Published in Spend

If you appreciate a good bottle of Eau de Parfum, this specialty shop is for you.