Best Jewellery Stores in Milan Featured

 Minimalist jewellery stores in Milan that are sure to impress.

by LUXOS Editorial

Both in terms of interior and product design, these jewellery boutiques in Milan specialise in minimalistic and charming jewels. We believe there is always something incredible about a series of precious stones in an elaborate setting. This being said, there has been a thriving minimalist jewellery scene that took over Milan in recent years and these are a few addresses you should write down as you select the best jewellery boutiques in Milan.

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Atelier VM

Near the San Vittore and Porta Nuova area, lie the two jewelry boutiques of Atelier VM. The designers are well known for creating some of the most refined minimal jewels. Their goal is to create delicate yet strong jewels that will make people feel good. It may seem far fetched to say that minimal necklaces, bracelets or rings can provide a sensation of empowerment, but think about their signature essential bracelet that promises to lock friendship or love. Is a precious golden thread going to make you feel stronger? No matter your jewellery style, checking the stark and sleek interiors of the boutiques will be a stop worth considering when in Milan.  

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Giolina e Angelo

Another boutique to consider when looking for simple and elegant jewels is Giolina e Angelo in Porta Venezia. Once again, one can find here an array of minimalist-style necklaces, rings, and bracelets uniquely crafted by the dedicated family members who make up the staff. In addition to the collections of minimalist jewellery offered by Giolina e Angelo, there are several pieces that can be customized in these boutiques. For example, this is the perfect place to find a bracelet with one’s own name swirled into the band.

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Aonie’s store stands on a colorful and quaint alley near Colonne di San Lorenzo. The jewellery boutique specializes in a minimalist style with an ornate twist. The eloquent designs feature small, intricate additions of delicate decoration, such as bouquets of flowers, alphabet letters, animals and much more. Just when we say that a detail is what truly makes the difference, Aonie’s jewels add great charm to the lucky one wearing them.

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Daniela de Marchi

With two locations, one near the Duomo and the other in Porta Venezia, Daniela de Marchi has become a Milanese staple. The brand’s popularity spawns from the wide range of styles the designers cater to. This variety is combined with an overall high-class style that lends an elevated sense of dignity to the entire experience of buying and wearing Daniela de Marchi. Even the boutiques’ aesthetics emulate the distinctive style which makes this another essential stop.

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