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The 3 Best Shops in Milan for Kids Featured

 Where to make kids happy in Milan.  

by Lavinia Pisani

Let’s cut to the chase by saying shopping with kids can be daunting. They scream, they jump, they touch, they are over excited and then tired, but at the end of the day, you love them and would do anything to see their smile. No matter the reason that leads you to an afternoon in Milan with kids, make sure to add a few stops just for them; results will be magical.

Il Gufo

First and foremost, children have the necessity of wearing comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely. Italian brand specialised in children’s fashion, il Gufo, respects their way of being and produces high quality garments that best fit the globe-trotting clientèle of the little ones. This is particularly the case with the Active Label capsule collection that is made with patented Sensitive® Fabrics produced by Eurojersey. Slim-fit down jackets, dresses with laser-cut petals and zipped hooded sweatshirts are about to give the right style to the active users. Discover more at the Milan store in Via San Pietro all’Orto, 22.

il gufoIl Gufo Active Label

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Città del Sole

This is not just another toy store focused on what objects can do but rather on what kids can do with them. Ever since 1972, Città del Sole is conceived as a place that recognises the importance of playing and sees this as a pedagogical moment for kids to learn. The first store, opened by founder Carlo Basso, had the slogan “what if playing was serious?” Considering the 79 stores available in 61 cities across Italy, people keep taking it seriously. Spread throughout Milan, from Via Torino to Corso Vercelli, the selection of toys available at Città del Sole will awaken your inner child also.

citta del sole

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From latest Herzog & de Meuron’s sleek building in Porta Volta to legendary (now closed) store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Feltrinelli is the Italian institution for books. First founded in 1949, most music and word’s addicts have spent hours and hours searching through the high ceiling shelves and lower tables looking for that special novel or CD. With all the e-books and Spotify playlists, this is not the case anymore; still, it doesn’t hurt to take kids of the digital era into a place that is still magical for many.

luxos shopping kids milan books


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