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MORESCHI: Between Tradition and Style

Moreschi keeps up with the times, by adding streetwear pieces to its classic style collection.

by Sara Kaufman

In 1946 in Vigevano - one of Italy’s most important shoemaking districts - Mario Moreschi founded his namesake brand without knowing that he was actually marking the beginning of a successful story that would live (would be retold?) through the years. Today the company is run by the third generation of Moreschi, who carries on the tradition of high-quality, artisanal shoes, entirely made in Italy with an outstanding attention to detail.

In addition to the respect for traditions and its iconic classic style, Moreschi also keeps up with the times. For this reason, its spring/summer 19 collection sees the introduction of a completely new piece: the sneaker. Fit for all ages and occasions (we are talking about an extremely well-designed, high-quality sneaker), the GBM pays tribute to Gian Beppe Moreschi, who has been running the family company for 65 years. Made of the softest deerskin, shiny white and with a rubber sole, this shoe connects craftsmanship and streetwear. In a reinterpretation of the 1980s brand and logo addiction, the GBM sports Moreschi’s signature embroidered in bright red on the side.

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Moreschi’s signature also appears on the front of soft, ultra-light loafers. Entirely hand stitched and featuring a sponge lining, perfect for the summer.

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As hinted, Moreschi is a brand that knows its roots and cherishes traditions. For this reason, another key piece of the SS collection comes directly from the brand’s archive: the silhouette of an iconic Moreschi loafer has been streamlined and made more wearable, while a hand-embroidered embellishment has been added on the front. A new timeless evergreen is born.

If you want to find out more about Moreschi, or you wish to discover the key pieces of the current season, visit the brand's flagship store downtown Milan, Corso Venezia 5.


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