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Al Bazar

Al Bazar is one of Milan's classic go-to boutiques for modern male necessaires. 

Located in one of Milan's upper class neighbourhoods, the Upper West Side of Milan so to speak, Al Bazar has raised a good name for itself with an experience that will bring you back time and again. And while the name may not do justice, prepare for an eye-opening experience. In many ways, the bazar experience comes to life, evident in the plethora of suits hanging on the racks, lying on the tables and meticulously rolled ties lighting up wooden nooks. It is the modern male's candy shop. Under constant curation by owner Lino Ieluzzi since day one, the boutique is a well-respected and prestigious shop, synonymous with Milanese style and elegance. Under Mr. Ieluzzi's direction, the shop engages in close partnerships with Italian brands for textile, available in a 'bazar' of colours. If you've ever fancied a custom-made suit, the creative interpretations of Mr. Ieluzzi will help you to realize those visions. From summer silk blend suits to pure wool ensembles, from leisure to strictly business, the options are all on the table. Mr. Ieluzzi will guide the selection, with pieces that promise to become wardrobe staples. And to keep things fun, we suggest you experiment with a new tie or handkerchief, particularly one from his own collection.


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