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Patricio Parado

This Chilean jeweller and industrial designer has a particular thing with lace, gold-plated lace that ebbs and flows almost like water. 

Patricio was born and raised in Valparaiso, Chile and after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar he continued to study his jewellery techniques at the laboratory of Experimental 410. He arrived in Italy in 2004 and opened his first workshop in 2006. If you haven't seen his work at various artistic exhibitions in Italy, Chile, China and the Netherlands, now is the time. Meeting Patricio, you'll instantly understand that you're dealing with an artist. He examines people without being too obvious about it, but registrations are made in his mind. He holds a bag of new designs that he is working on, and rolls them out of the bag like diamonds. One by one, you realize that jewellery in his eyes is a proper game of movement and imagination. Forget classic settings - this artist loves the uncoventional. Rings with wings that are so chic, you might soar in style. Bracelets that have a rocker's attitude with the elegance of a lady. Necklace pieces that drape like french curtains way passed the decollete. And when it comes to lighting, the fixtures are almost theatrical. Some of his designs include mirrorsbwith back lighting and sheath fixtures that resemble lace climbing up the wall. Whether you're trying on his latest piece or admiring his special light fixtures, each is uniquely handmade and designed as 'sculptures to wear'.


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Patricio Parado - Jewellery Atelier

Via Milesi 4, Milano Italy

+39 333 8845922

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