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LabSolue - Perfume Lab

If you appreciate a good bottle of Eau de Parfum, this specialty shop is for you. 

A Moleskine journal or Pisa watch are essential purchases if you want to remember your time spent in Milan. But what if you truly want to capture the sights and smells of the magnificent city? At the LabSolue Perfume Laboratory, you can relive memories of nights turned into mornings and aperitifs turned into late night meals, all in a glass bottle. Here you will be given the opportunity to experience thirty-nine scents which are used in different combinations to make sixteen signature fragrances. Create your own signature scent or treat yourself to an artisanal scented candle. Simply setting foot in the laboratory will take you on an olfactory journey like no other. 

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LabSolue - Perfume Lab

Via Vincenzo Forcella, 6, 20144 Milano, Italy

+39 02 833 8371