Nonostante Marras Featured

Channel your creative spirit and visit one of Milan's finest concept boutiques.

Sardinian artistry, simple materials, and an appreciation of contrast come together at Nonostante Marras, a flagship store and creative space pieced together by designer Antonio Marras. Marras, who claims to have broken into the fashion industry by chance, debuted his first prêt-à-porter collection in Milan in 1999. At Nonostante Marras, shoppers can get a feel for his distinct style in the city where it first appeared. The concept store is not just a shopping experience: it is a peek through a viewfinder, a stroke of a paintbrush, a pen gliding across the page. The shopping location brings together the dark yet playful prints of Marras’s most recent collection, as well as books, art and photography prints, and vintage furniture. Nonostante Marras is also seen as an artsy location for a drink, as it features a bar. If you are intrigued by dissimilarity and want a better understanding of the designer's passion for Sardinia, a trip to Nonostante Marras should be next on your itinerary.

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Nonostante Marras

Via Cola di Rienzo, 8, 20144 Milano, Italy

+39 02 8907 5002