Haute Kidswear Goes Jungle Fever

Haute Italian children's brand, Il Gufo, delivers its own creative and imaginative take on 'jungle fever' in the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

A child's world is full of wonder, relentless curiousity, and quick turnover when it comes to how they play and what they wear.  Il Gufo presents a collection that reflects the spirit of childhood, combining tropical themes, maxi flowers and 3D animal prints with fluorescent details that are bold and playful, yet sophisticated and modern. Quality fabrics and durability lead the way with a collection that is proudly made in Italy.

 ilgufoboysIl Gufo Boy's Collection

The newest shapes are comfortable, using soft fabrics that lets children move and play with ease. Ribbons and elastics fasten and flounce while appliqués on t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and adorable suits can be mixed and matched. Take the denim Bermuda overalls and linen jumpsuit for instance, each boast an adorable, modern allure embellished by floral appliqués and bows that work for boys and girls alike.

The intentional choice of colors and patterns is well coordinated with today's haute fashion for adults, while keeping the the charm of childhood close to heart. Constrasting the shades of jungle green are inspiring blue tones, from turquoise to deep sea, while orange goes hyper-chic against burgundy and sand undertones. Highlights are creatively infused using lime green accents and lemon yellow linings. Flamingo pink ventures beyond the classic baby collection and takes on a new interpretation as seen in the girls' collection.

 ilgufoshoesIl Gufo, Shoes

The brand's bestsellers include the girl's couture dresses, the maxi flower sandals, the jungle-print slip on ballerinas, and the denim jacket with a distinct uniform version, while the hits from the boy's collection include t-shirts with 3D animals, wind breakers in supra bright colors and vibrant brushstroke stripes, sandals and sneakers in bright colours, as well as the jungle print Bermuda shorts. The newborn and baby collection retains a refined elegance, with double tulle flowery dresses with embroided leaves, while for baby boys, a more essential look is proposed, with a classic silk shantung suit.

 ilgufobabiesIl Gufo, Baby Collection

Any reputed Italian brand would venture beyond daywear to offer a novel approach to special occasions, and Il Gufo delivers its own Silver Label capsule collection that is all-white and full of palpable luxury. Yet the collection cannot be defined solely as cute. In fact, it is about high-end, sophisticated children's fashion with dresses embellished in 3D silk flowers using fil-coupé, while the overcoat is made of silk shantung with jewelled buttons - fit for a little lady. The boy's collection features four-piece suits made of a sophisticated, tecno Tasmanian fabric in soft greys and blues. Italian comfort and style go a long way in a collection that is cleverly attentive to the times and in sync with the vivid spirit and imagination of a child. 

ilgufoaccessoriesIl Gufo, Accessories

Discover more items from the collection at www.ilgufo.it.