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Atellani Apartments

Transport to another time and place from the heart of Milan.

by Minh Le 02 August 2019

Located in the museum and private home Case degli Atellani, which hosts “La Vigna di Leonardo,” and barely a stone’s throw away from Da Vinci’s iconic “Last Supper,” Atellani Apartments remain one of Milan’s most exquisite privately owned palazzos. Restored in the 1920s by leading architect Piero Portaluppi, Casa degli Atellani keeps the Milanese Renaissance alive and thriving with ravishing compositional elements that date back to as early as the 1400s. The breathtaking architecture is matched by a central and strategic location in Corso Magenta, which offers a plethora of shopping and fine dining experiences, as well as numerous historical sites spanning from the Roman to the Renaissance, Art Nouveau to Rationalism.

Fusing a sense of historical charm with contemporary comfort, the Atellani Apartments offer six self-catering, elegantly furnished and fully-service apartments. Situated inside the viridescent Atellani garden, the “Sforza” Apartment is immersed in a lush green setting, making it the perfect haven for nature lovers. The “Leonardo” Apartment boasts marble detailing, wall-to-wall hardwood flooring, a fully serviced European-style kitchen and state-of-the-art windows that afford light-filled vistas from a space coated in spectacular muted pastel tones. For solo travellers and couples, the one-bedroom “Ludovico” Apartment overlooks the beautiful private courtyard and Santa Maria della Grazie Church. All bespoke furniture and finishings are custom-made by master artisans from Brianza, while homeward and fine fabrics are from C&C Milano, a historical Milanese textile company.

Over its fascinating history, Casa degli Atellani has hosted an array of prominent and eclectic artist, personalities and figures, with the most noteworthy being Leonardo Da Vinci, who stayed in the palazzo while painting the “Last Supper,” and Tilda Switon, who were on the shoot for the 2009 film “I Am Love.” Nonetheless, Atellani Apartments remains a family business that put their guests first with various services including private driver, catering, parking, dry cleaning and personalized tours.

Atellani Apartments

Corso Magenta, 65, 20123 Milano MI

375 528 9922

Atellani Apartments