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Hotel de la Ville

If a good location is a place that gives you easy access to do one thing, then an ideal location, such as Hotel de la Ville Monza, is a prime locale that enables you to do things that just come to mind.

by 26 September 2017

Depending on the mood you wake up to, you will have a good list of options at Hotel de la Ville Monza. Breathing in the idyllic air from the royal garden, you can take a tranquil stroll in the Monza Park to see the royal villa. If you are feeling the Italian speed and excitement, go see a race at the Monza National F-1 track. Or, if you are feeling out of touch with the Metropolitan lifestyle, Milan is only 20 km away.

At Hotel de la Ville Monza, every room is different from the others. However, one thing is always consistent: the aristocratic ambiance and the personalized care. The Gustavian décor, the French fabrics, and the vintage collections of furniture and artworks blend in perfectly with the technological modernity in the room. Adding to the overall elegance is the impeccable views guaranteed in every room and suite. For many rooms, the Villa Reale is the best appetizer for your deluxe in-room dinner. At a reasonable price, you can request to book a massage in the comfort of your room. The fitness lounge and sauna, though perfectly adapted for two, add exclusivity and intimacy to your stay here at Hotel de la Ville. The Villa, an annex to Hotel de la Ville Monza’s main building, provides the maximum personal touch with a private entrance and garage, and a romantic little garden all to yourself. Amongst all other rooms in this Villa, La Veranda suite is inarguably the most beautiful. “This is how nobility lived.”

Staying at Hotel de la Ville Monza, you cannot miss out the Derby Grill restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants in the whole Lombardy region. Chef Fabio Silva will be sure to satisfy your craving for traditional Italian cuisine with slow food and his unwavering passion. Let the food at Derby Grill give you a tour all over Italy right on the tip of your tongue and let the fine selection of wines bring you home. The restaurant can generally host 50 guests, just private enough for most occasions. If you are seeking further exclusivity, private dining also remains an option at Hotel de la Ville. And if you are looking for an after-dinner drink, say hi to your new favourite bartender Carlos over at the American Bar next door.

As soon as you walk in, the American bar will instantly throw you back to that Upper West Side lounge, as if overlooking Central Park. The bar menu has everything you would expect from an American-style bar, and a lot more Italian delights to surpise you. All you have to do is sit down, lay back and wait for your bartender from the Dominican Republic to mix sunshine and palm tree into your cocktail.


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Hotel de la Ville

Viale Regina Margherita di Savoia, 15, 20900 Monza

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